Elite Cover

    Detail Of Cover

    Only available for vehicles with less than 100,000 miles recorded at date of purchase

    Your Elite warranty covers the following factory-fitted components


    Cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, valves (excluding decarbonisation, burnt or pitted valves and valve seats), valve springs, valve guides, camshaft and bearings, camshaft followers, hydraulic lifters, timing gears, timing chains, piston and piston rings, cylinder liners and liner seals, cylinder block, connecting rods and small end bearings, gudgeon pins, crankshaft and crankshaft bearings, oil pump and oil pump drive, distributor driveshaft, flywheel, starter motor ring gear, engine management sensors.

    Timing belts

    Timing belts and tensioners are covered providing that the last due change has taken place as specified by the manufacturer’s schedule (proof required). Damage subsequently caused if timing belt has not been changed as specified by the manufacturer is specifically excluded.


    Factory-fitted turbocharger, intercooler and wastegate.


    Gears, shafts, synchroniser hubs and baulk rings, selector shafts and selector forks, internal bearings and bushes, oil pump, valve and valve block, clutches and brake bands, governor, torque converter, modulator valve, gearbox sensors (excluding external linkages).

    Final drive

    All internally lubricated components, including but not limited to the following:

    Crown wheel and pinion, differential gears and bearings, 4X4 transfer box, halfshaft, halfshaft bearings, driveshafts, bearings and constant velocity joints, propeller shaft universal joints and centre bearing, wheel bearings, final drive sensors (excluding rubber boots and gaiters).


    Release bearing, master and slave cylinders (excluding burnt out parts and general wear and tear).


    Steering rack or box, power steering pump, idler box, reservoir (excluding rubber boots and gaiters).

    Braking system

    All hydraulic components, including but not limited to the following:

    Master cylinder, brake callipers (excluding seized units), wheel cylinders, brake limiter valve, apportioning and compensator valves, brake servo unit, vacuum pump, ABS pump, ABS modulator/control valve and sensors.

    Fuel system

    Fuel injection pump, pump drive gear, lift pump, fuel pump relay, fuel system electronic control unit, solenoids, throttle potentiometer, idle control valve and fuel pressure regulators (excluding fuel injectors/glow plugs).

    Cooling system

    Water pump, viscous fan coupling, radiator and expansion tank, oil cooler, heater matrix, cooling fan motor.

    Electrical system

    Alternator, starter motor, starter solenoid, distributor, electronic control units, electronic ignition module, wiper motors, heater fan motors, central locking motors and solenoids, window motors, horn, washer pump motors, sun roof motor, electric door mirror motors, relays, fuel tank sender unit, switches.


    Casings are covered only when damaged by the failure of an insured component.


    Working materials e.g. oils, filters, antifreeze are claimable as a direct result of a valid claim providing the insured vehicle is not within 1,000 miles of its next scheduled service.


    The rectification of oil leaks is not covered and the cost of seals and gaskets will only be accepted where they are required as a direct consequence of a valid claim under the insurance.


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