Complete Cover

    Detail Of Cover

    Your Complete Warranty covers all factory- fitted mechanical and electrical components of the insured vehicle with the exception of the following:

    • Battery
    • All exhaust components (except catalytic converter)
    • Brake and clutch facings
    • Discs and drums
    • Bulbs and fuses, channels and guides
    • Weather strips and seals
    • Handles, hinges and check straps
    • Trim
    • Upholstery and cosmetic finishes
    • Bodywork
    • Paintwork
    • Wheels and tyres
    • Wiper blades and arms
    • Glass
    • Auxiliary drive belts
    • Coolant and fuel hoses
    • The cleaning or adjustment of any component
    • All service items which will require periodic replacement
    • Satellite Navigation

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